Sixty Years of Men’s Conferences

1955 – Every Occupation a Christian Calling Dr. John Oliver/Fred Bell (Chair)

1956 – Goin’ His Way Rev. RR Cunningham/Allan Jones (Chair)

1957 – Men Wanted Gordon Coburn/Jerry Alexander (Chair)

1958 – Fulfill Your Ministry Dr. A.C. Forest/Mac Gordon (Chair)

1959 – The Church in Today’s World Right Rev. T. Thomson/Graeme Smith (Chair)

1960 – Thy Kingdom Come Dr. L.H. Cragg/Lloyd White (Chair)

1961 – Christian Faith & Family Living Rev. R. Morris/Mel Fowler (Chair)

1962 – The Layman Agent of God Rev. W.F. Clarke/Dr. Ron Bennett (Chair)

1963 – The Company of the Committee Rev. Donald L. Benedict/Dr. Bob Hatfield (Chair)

1964 – God & His Purpose Dr. Peter Gordon White/Bob Miller (Chair)

1965 – Jesus Christ & the Christian Life Dr. C. Earle Gordon/Vince Walters (Chair)

1966 – The World and the Church Dr. John Leng/Dr. Lloyd Johnston (Chair)

1967 – God & His Purpose Bishop James A. Pike/Jakes Peters (Chair)

1968 – Man in God’s World Rev. William E. Hordern/Donald B. Wallace (Chair)

1969 – The Church in the Gap Dr. R.G. Neehall/Ray Lawson (Chair)

1970 – The Chosen Pew Rev. Clifford A.S. Elliot/Dr. Lowen Wilson

1971 – Man, Dead or Alive Roy Bonisteel/Ed Jackson (Chair)

1972 – Hope in a Changing World Dr. Bob Wallace/Brian Piercy (Chair)

1973 – Joy in the Christian Faith Rev. Alex Farquar/Dr. Bob Anderson (Chair)

1974 – A Man for all Seasons Rev. Dr. Terry Anderson, Drs. Bob and Bruce Hatfield,

Don Rutherford, Ed Mullen (Co-Chairs)

1975 – Your God – Burden or Bearer? Dr. Geddes W. Hanson/Ron Kasha (Chair)

1976 – Letting Laymen Loose Dr. J. Berkley Reynolds/Vic Willoughby (Chair)

1977 – New Lamps for Old Rev. Rod Booth/Jock Munro, Fred Arnot (Co-Chairs)

1978 – The Greatest of These Rev. Robert Mumford/Dr. K. Robin (Chair)

1979 – Keeping Your World Open for Christ Rev. George Morrison/Bill Robertson (Chair)

1980 – The Influence of Affluence The Most Rev. E.W. Scott/Ralph Horley (Chair)

1981 – What on Earth is God Doing? Right Rev. Lois Wilson/Dr. Bruce Hatfield (Chair)

1982 – Oikos 1982: Ecumenism, Economy, Ecology The Hon. Rev. David MacDonald/

Glen Stinson (Chair)

1983 – Challenge Through Change Rev. Dr. Clarke MacDonald/Hank Woodland (Chair)

1984 – Am I Running With You, Lord? Bernie Smith/Dave Kinniburgh (Chair)

1985 – Fully Human/Fully Alive Rev. Dr. Garth Mundle/Jack Miller (Chair)

1986 – Where in the World is the Church? Rev. Dr. Maurice Boyd/Jim George (Chair)

1987 – Making Gentle our Bruised World Very Rev. Robert F. Smith/Lloyd Russell (Chair)

1988 – Whoever Believes in Me Bishop Barry Curtis/John Tucker (Chair)

1989 – Christian Hope in a World Like Ours Rev. Doug Pratt, Dr. Wm. Jacyk/L yle Culham (Chair)

1990 – God Is Nowhere Rev. Canon T. Herbert O’Driscoll/Dr. Mark Lauderdale (Chair)

1991 – The Adventure of Discipleship Rev. George Morrison/Bill Cumming (Chair)

1992 – Diversity as God’s Blessing Very Rev. Sang Chul Lee/Wilton Thorsteinson (Chair)

1993 – Who are the People of God? Rev. Robert James Duthie/Ross Evans (Chair)

1994 – Spirituality – Heart, Mind, and Soul Very Rev. Dr. Stan McKay/Don Busse,

Paul DuVal (Co-Chairs)

1995 – Fear Not Rev. Bill Phipps/Jack Waters (Chair)

1996 – Letting Go Judge Hugh Stansfield/Martin Boesel (Chair)

1997 – Celebrating New Possibilities James B. Nelson/Craig Neely (Chair)

1998 – Lifting Men’s Faith Ralph Milton/Barry Horner (Chair)

1999 – Finding Faith in the Centre Dr William “Bud” Phillips/Don Wright (Chair)

2000 – Treasure in a Cardboard Box Rev. Edwin Searcy/John Flint, Don O’Coffey (Co-Chairs)

2001 – Healing our Relationships with God, Self, Family & Community Leroy Littlebear/Ajay Krishan, Clare Middleton (Co-Chairs)

2002 – Telling the Old, Old Story in the 21st Century Dr. Christopher Levan/
Keith Drysdale, (Chair)

2003 – My Brother’s Keeper Very Rev. Walter Farquharson/Glenn Schmuland (Chair)

2004 – High Flyers: Leadership in a New Time Rev. Gordon Oaks/Paul Duteau, Bill Turnham (Co-Chairs)

2005 – Cross Currents: Reading the Rapids Very Reverend Bill Phipps/Ken Proctor, Darryl Auten (Co-Chairs)

2006 – Room for You in the Household of God Rev. Rod Sykes/Ed Bardock (Chair)

2007 – New Beginnings: God’s Love is like a Prairie Dawn Rev. Allan Saunders/
Kevin Silvius, Ron Hopkinson (Co-Chairs)

2008 – Two Faiths, One God – Islam & Christianity Dr. Amir Hussain/Bill MacLachlan, Bill Miller (Co-Chairs)

2009 – Giving Voice to Our Faith Rev. Dr. Darryl Auten/Bob Thompson, Darryl Auten (Co-Chairs)

2010 – Seek Justice and Resist Evil – Making a Straight Path To The Lord
Brig Gen Peter Holt/Doug Currie (Chair)

2011 – Here I Am David Giffen/Chris Hatfield/Brian Ast (Chair)

2012 – Rediscovering Awe Bruce Sanguin/Rick Chaba & Al Gummesen (Co-chairs)

2013 – Simple God …. Complex World Stephen Kakfwi/Neall Stevens (Chair)

2014 – Transition – Finding Our Way Faithfully When Things Are Falling Apart John Pentland/Ron Hopkinson